COURBI S.A., based in Solomos, Corinth, was established in 1975. Its main activity is the production of high quality Electrical Material, mainly for professional use.

Today the company consists of:

  • Modern, Privately owned facilities (10.000m )
  • Integrated and Automated production lines
  • An expanding list with over 450 products
  • Annual production exceeding 11 million pieces and 40 million meters of pipes
  • Excellent quality control throughout the production line.
  • Export in more than 30 countries
  • Organized distribution network of products in more than 600 points of sale nationwide, on daily basis.
  • Division in Thessaloniki with organized storage for the distribution, immediate
    Delivery of products, as well as the overall support of sales in northern Greece.
  • Company in Romania, based in Bucharest for the distribution of COURBI’s products in the Romanian market and the wider region of Eastern Europe.

The actions that led Courbi S.A. to the top:


Establishment of Family Company

Establishment of the family company P. Kouroupis & SIA O.E. with trade name «ΝΙΜPΙ» in Solomos, Corinth, producing plastic elements for electrical installations and cable conduits.


The company acquires a privately owned machine workshop

The company acquires a privately owned machine workshop to support its equipment, to produce spare parts and to create product lines to cover its clients needs.


Establishment of COURBI S.A.

Establishment of COURBI S.A. and simutaneously the company develops a new production plant in Solomos Corinth. At the same time it opens a brunch in Thessaloniki achieving faster distribution of its products and better customer support in Nother Greece.


Investment to software and machinery

Adhering to a new design philosophy, Courbi S.A. invests into specialized CAD - CAM design software, as well as latest generation CNC machinery. The result is acceleration of the design and construction phases of machines and products, improved quality and better customer service.


Extroversion - Modernization

Extrovert orientation with presence in over 30 countries.
It is modernized by investing in vertical operating processes:
Automated management of raw materials and production mix mixing - Design and manufacture of molds and production lines - Production design and development of new products - Automation, packaging and storage


Innovation - Environment - Upgrading

New investment cycle oriented towards innovation and environment with upgrade and automation of equipment and installation of new production lines saving energy consumption, increase and improve production.

COURBI SA possesses one of the most technologically advanced, vertical integrated, flexible production lines in the field of Electrical Material.

Using valuable experience and technological expertise accumulated over the years, Courbi S.A. designs and produces a wide range of products covering the needs of every professional electrician:

Pliable Conduits & Accessories

medium and heavy type with leading product in the field the well known SIBI© Super.

Rigid Conduits & Accessories

Rigid Conduits & Accessories

Concrete Electrical Installations

providing the professionals with multiple solutions

Flexible Spiraled Conduits

support and cutting accessories

Halogen Free Materials

All types of electrical boxes for various uses

Flush Mounted Boxes

Drywall Electrical Installations

Surface Watertight Boxes

Cable Trunking

Underground Installations System

Metallic Conduits & Accessories

Metallic Trays & Accessories