COURBI S.A., based in Solomos, Corinth, was established in 1975. Its main activity is the production of high quality Electrical Material, mainly for professional use.


For COURBI S.A, quality is a priority for every one of its departments. The company aims to continuously improve customerssatisfaction. In order to achieve this, the company has obtained the following:


Quality Control system according to ISO 9001:2000
  • Declaration of conformity CE for all products.
  • Strict, systematic checks in a private certified laboratory.
  • Permanent collaboration with external authorized laboratories such as HEEQUAK – LABOR for LVD 2006/95/EK.
  • Implementation of a production check process (Random Control) according to the new EU standards, in collaboration with the certified Greek
Center of Electrical Equipment Quality Control (HEEQUAK).

The actions that led Courbi S.A. to the top:


Privately owned machine workshop

The company acquires a privately owned machine workshop to support its equipment, to produce spare parts and to create product lines to cover its clients needs.


Courbi develops its own production lines

An experienced, motivated team of engineers takes control of the production in every stage: from the design to the construction of the final product. Professional, well-trained engineers are monitoring the latest developments, modifying the procedures or even the product accordingly. This way, you only receive the most up-to-date, high quality products.


Investment to software and machinery

Adhering to a new design philosophy, Courbi S.A. invests into specialized CAD - CAM design software, as well as latest generation CNC machinery. The result is acceleration of the design and construction phases of machines and products, improved quality and better customer service.


New, hi-tech, cutting-edge equipment

Courbi invests into new, hi-tech, cutting-edge equipment, including a CNC vertical machining center MORI SEIKI NV 4000 equipped with 3 high-precision axis High Speed, 2 MORI SEIKI Duracender 5 equipped with 3 high-precision axis, lathe MORI SEIKI NL 2500 equipped with 3 high-precision axis, wire electro-corrosion CNC and immersion Mitsubishi FA 305-EA 12V-E A8, surface rectifier and also complete auxiliary equipment.

COURBI SA possesses one of the most technologically advanced, vertical integrated, flexible production lines in the field of Electrical Material.

COURBI S.A., established in 1975 and its main activity is the production of high quality Electrical Material, mainly for professional use.

Using valuable experience and technological expertise accumulated over the years, Courbi S.A. designs and produces a wide range of products covering the needs of every professional electrician:

Flexible conduits of light

medium and heavy type with leading product in the field the well known SIBI© Super.

Straight conduits of light

medium and heavy type suitable for both internal and external use.

Conduits for special applications

providing the professionals with multiple solutions

Conduit connection

support and cutting accessories

Electrical boxes

All types of electrical boxes for various uses

Junction watertight external boxes

Watertight switches

Cable distribution channels

Support and cable protection accessories