Research and Development

COURBI S.A. High quality Electrical Material.

R&D of Electrical Material

The Research and Development department of COURBI SA consists of highly experienced professionals, using cutting-edge technology and equipment to continuously improve and evolve Courbi’s products and services. It uses the most powerful, flexible computer software to design the best products possible.

Courbi’s sophisticated laboratorial equipment allows it to make a large number of tests during the production process,
as well as periodical checks on every phase.

That way, Courbi S.A. is able to provide customers with Certified Electrical Material of excellent quality.

Automated production

COURBI SA has invested a lot of valuable assets to create its advanced, hi-tech production line. The System, located in Courbi’s facilities in Solomos, Corinth, is fully automated in all production phases.

The procedure includes each phase required for the development of the product, using the raw material that is needed according to strict quality specifications, while complying to the RoHS directive.

That means that COURBI SA manufactures high quality certified products.